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Our new museum is located at 218 Main Street in Emmaus, and is open for the public every Saturday from 12 - 4 PM and on Sundays between 10 AM and 2 PM.  You can also call to make an appointment at other times. We have many artifacts on display and are changed periodically. There are many books and periodicals that you may browse through.

We also offer the opportunity to own photographic reproductions of old photographs of Emmaus history. You can browse through our catalogs and choose from hundreds of photos, which is continually growing.  There will be a nominal charge.

We also have available for sale,  2009 Anniversary items including the Commemorative Book “Unforgettable Emmaus” and DVD.s entitled  “A Year in the Life of Emmaus”, golf shirts, and other collectible memorabilia at reduced prices.  We also have the Emmaus World War II Commemorative Books, miniature wood replicas, Emmaus license plates, Historic sketches, Ornaments, Books and Puzzles.

Emmaus Historical Society

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